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Who We Are:

Hi, I’m Dennis, as the owner of Pro Quality, I’ve been serving customers in Avon for over 30 years. I started this business because all of the services we provide are skills that I am grateful for. My goal was to wake up and love going to work – and I am glad to have achieved that goal. I also started this business from scratch and was determined to succeed.

Do what you love, and you never have to work a day in your life.

Interior Painting:

In our interior painting jobs, we pay close attention to detail. The perfect color is chosen during your color interior painting consultation and you are left with a beautiful, perfectly painted room. There is no paint dropped on the floor, no strong odor in your home, and everything is left exactly where it should be! Your Avon, CT home will stand out amongst the rest!

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Exterior Painter in Avon Connecticut

Exterior Painting:

One of the most important aspects of home maintenance is to have a quality exterior painting job. Home exterior paint is subjected to more wear and tear than any other painted surface. The exterior surfaces of a home must withstand extreme weather and UV rays, as well as build up of harsh contaminants from pollution. By keeping your home’s exterior painted regularly, you can save on some costly maintenance later on. Now is the time to get a free estimate for your home in Avon, CT, you’ll be glad you did!

Cabinet Painter in Avon Connecticut

Cabinet Painting & Refinishing:

To achieve the smooth finish you want, cabinet refinishing involves many steps. For the past 30+ years, we have mastered multiple steps that involve spraying doors and drawers in a covered and ventilated environment, while painting the frames by hand. If you’re seeking cabinet Painting & Refinishing in Avon, CT, you have come to the right place. At the end, you will be shocked by the new look of your cabinetry. You won’t believe they were once yours!

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Wallpaper Removal in Avon Connecticut

Wallpaper Removal:

As removing wallpaper can be a challenging task, you may damage your walls if you don’t do it properly. A special process is used by Pro Quality Painting to avoid damage to the surface and to ensure no residue remains after the paper is removed. In order to remove adhesive from the walls, we clean them after the paper has been removed. In order to eliminate the need for additional paint coats, our wallpaper removal contractors seal the walls with a primer, tinted to match the paint color. We paint the walls with a top quality paint, giving your room a brand new look. Contact us today to get a free estimate for Wallpaper removal at your home in Avon, CT today!

Ceiling Texture Removal:

Most popcorn ceilings and most textured ceilings weren’t intended for effective cleaning, and some even contain asbestos! Furthermore, cobwebs and stains tend to latch on there. You may be thinking… “it’s my ceiling… how often do I really look at it?” Well, if you didn’t before, now you definitely will!

Popcorn ceiling removal is such an easy fix that can make such a huge difference to the feel, safety, and cleanliness of your home in Avon, Connecticut.

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By far the most affordable around. They painted my home both inside and out as well as remodeled two bathrooms. Our house looks brand new again. I'm so glad I found them. They are by far the most affordable around.

Maria H. Avon, CT

A job well done... top-rate. Pro Quality helped my wife and I relax after our home was nearly ruined from tropical storm Irene. They took care of everything and they were so good. Highly recommended. Thanks guys for a job well done, you are a top-rate company.

The Standis Family Avon, CT

The most talented painters that I have ever worked with. I flip houses for a living and have had to deal with many painters in my day and none of them compare to Pro Quality. They are the most talented painters that I have ever worked with. Thank you for all of your hard work.

Tom Andrullo Avon, CT

My faith has been restored, I have had to use many contractors in the past due to my frequent moves over the years and after using Dennis from Pro Quality I can honestly say that he and his team have the trade perfected. They painted both the interior & exterior of my house and remodeled our 2 bathrooms and Dining room. So happy & impressed.

Madelyn P. Avon, CT

After many failed attempts by a local painting company, we called Pro Quality after asking around for recommendations and thank God I did. They fixed every mistake the other company made and then some. They are so good at what they do, my only mistake was not calling them in the first place.

Hugo B. Avon, CT

Absolutely thrilled, Dennis and his guys did a wonderful job painting our home that was in dire need of attention. Many thanks to you guys for all of your hard work.

Barbara V. Avon, CT

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To Learn More About Painting

It is the responsibility of a house painter Avon, CT to paint a home’s interior or exterior walls. When painting, you must be careful to protect important items in the house by placing protective covers over furniture and flooring so that you do not damage them. In addition to painting, you may have to fix small holes or blemishes before painting them. Experience is not always required, but you should be able to see details and be able to use brushes well.

To become an excellent house painter, you should have as much practical work experience as possible. An excellent home painter Avon, Connecticut is one who can paint large areas of wall space quickly. A variety of brush and roller techniques can help you increase your efficiency. You should also emphasize the importance of respecting the customer’s property as well as learning basic wall repair skills to make you a valuable asset on the job site. You can also learn basic wall repair skills. In order to avoid irreversible damage to a home, a skilled home painter Avon, CT takes all necessary measures. If you work in an older home, you might also consider becoming certified in lead safety.

In order to become a good house painter Avon, CT, it is essential to gain as much practical work experience as possible. A good house painter will be able to paint large volumes of wall space in a short period of time as a skilled craftsman. You can improve your efficiency by learning brush and roller techniques, as well as basic wall repair skills. You should also emphasize the importance of protecting the customer’s property when wanting to be a painter Avon, CT. You should also learn basic wall repair skills.

Would you like to know how much painting companies in Avon, Connecticut will charge you to get the job done if you wanted to revive the look of your home with a new coat of paint? If so, you are at the right place. In this article, you will be informed about the cost of painting a house and the factors that influence the price. For example, you are hiring a highly skilled and experienced painter to help you with the job. Most painters charge between $20 and $60 per hour for painting the exterior of a two-story building with 2,500 square feet.

Depending on the employer, you may not have to obtain academic qualifications in order to become a house painter Avon, CT. In many cases, house painters are hired as independent contractors, so they don’t need any academic qualifications at all. In some cases, painting companies require a high school diploma or GED. The skills you need to find your own work can be learned through assisting a house painter Avon, Connecticut, or even painting houses for charity.

It is a time-consuming task to paint the interior or exterior of your home, no matter how proficient you think you are. When there are so many home trends that call for painted walls, who has the patience, time, or skill set to paint their walls in order to make their house look like a Pinterest house? It takes half the time and effort to give your home the makeover you’ve always wanted if you hire professional interior painter Avon, Connecticut.

Choosing an experienced house painter is a difficult task, as these seven reasons will demonstrate. Besides saving you time and effort, professional painters are insured and licensed so they can execute any painting project safely. In the event of damage, a painting contractor who is fully insured will pay for it.

It takes a lot of time to paint, not only do you have to buy supplies, set up, prepare, and clean up, but you also have to account for time spent buying supplies, setting up, preparing, and cleaning up. You’ll also have to spend a lot more time dealing with any issues that may arise. You can sit back and relax or do what you enjoy with a professional house painter Avon, CT while they handle the dirty work.

A professional home painter, on the other hand, consistently delivers excellent results, despite anyone having the ability to go out and get a can of paint and start slapping it on the wall. Your baseboards and carpets will not be dripped with paint, and your walls will be evenly painted. They will also use the right type of paint for your walls as well.

Professionals work 40 hours a week doing the same thing. Because of this, they’ve honed a strategy to get in, do the job, and get out as quickly and efficiently as possible. It could take an expert only a few hours to do a task that would take the average Joe a day.

Still looking for a house painter Avon, Connecticut? The odds are that you won’t have all the necessary tools if you are starting a painting project for the first time. Instead of buying brand-new painting equipment, hire a professional painting company. They already have all of the necessary equipment to complete your project. The equipment they use to promote efficiency and quality work will also be of the highest quality.

Painting requires a lot of attention to detail, so a professional painter Avon CT will be able to give you all the advice and knowledge you need rather than you guessing what type of paint to use or asking Alexa. The job of painting requires a great deal of attention to detail. Without painting experience, it can be difficult to know what details to look for. Professional painters are taught to polish even the smallest of details so their clients are pleased at the end of their painting project.

Choosing a skilled house painter can save you a lot of time, work, and painting headaches. We offer inside and outside painting services for residential and commercial properties.

It is common for house painters in Avon, CT to be employed by construction or home restoration companies. Among the key duties of this role are providing a painting quote, choosing the paint the owner wants, preparing the surface, and applying it. The best people for house painters are those who enjoy working with their hands, are naturally extroverted, and love to take care of details. The ability to stand up and move their upper body for long periods of time is essential for a house painter.

Home interior and exterior painting is the responsibility of house painters in Avon, Connecticut.

No formal education or training is required to become a home painter in Avon, CT. The majority of painters, whether commercial or residential, learned their trade through experience. They all have a good sense of color and a sense of aesthetics, as well as a steady hand, upper body strength, and no fear of heights.

An Avon, Connecticut house painter’s first responsibility is to provide an accurate quote to the homeowner. A written quote should contain information about the project scope, completion date, labor costs, and materials. After getting two or three bids from different painters, the homeowner chooses the one offering the best value at the lowest price.

Before providing an estimate, a house painting contractor will need to determine the type of paint to be used and measure the space to be painted. As soon as the client accepts the quote, the house painter Avon, Connecticut needs to purchase the correct amount of paint in the appropriate colors. The house painter selects the primer and paint that are suitable for the project. Some house painters provide a quote that includes the precise brand and color of paint.

It depends on the job whether or not you need to have your house painter Avon, CT do any prep work before painting. Sometimes wallpaper or paint will have to be removed and the surface prepped with primer or another material. Other jobs just require cleaning the surface so that the fresh paint can adhere.

It is important to consider the type of paint and the surface when applying it. For example, oil-based paint should be rolled over with a roller, while latex-based paint can be sprayed on. In addition to the scale and color of the project, the wall layout can influence the approach employed.

Avon, Connecticut home painters have responsibility, and work may be a part-time or full-time business venture. Home painters often begin their careers as home painters, expanding into business owners who hire other painters to accomplish work for them. This type of job can be quite profitable and consistent, with year-round employment opportunities. If you’re hiring a painter Avon, CT, you should consider this very carefully!

It was a fantastic decision for you to have your home’s interior painted. It not only looks amazing, but it feels great to have a freshly painted home as well. Now that you’ve decided to engage professional interior house painting services, you may be wondering what, if any, work needs to be done by you before engaging an interior house painting contractor. The following eight tips will assist you in preparing for your interior house painting project so that it runs smoothly and that you and your family are left happy and satisfied. These tips will make your interior house painter Avon CT job easier and ensure a joyful, satisfied outcome for you and your family.

Prior to the arrival of your interior home painting professional, remove all decor and artwork from your walls and store them safely outside the work area. You should assume that you will be responsible for removing items from your walls before hiring a professional house painter. In most circumstances, your house painter will not perform this task.

If you don’t want to have your knick-knacks, collectibles, or decorative ornaments broken while painting, place them in a box and store them in a safe place until the painting is completed. The interior house painting services company will find it easier and faster to paint the walls if all furniture and impediments are moved away from them. The home painter will not waste time moving and/or working around your furniture if you store as much as possible.

You should keep curtains and throw rugs out of the way of your windows and flooring so paint splashes won’t ruin them. They are expensive to replace since they are still hanging on the wall or covering the floor area unless they are addressed before the painting begins. Your painter Avon, Connecticut can help if you ask.

The contractor may charge you for cleaning and preparing your walls for painting. Ask your interior contractor what you’ll need to do on your end if you have any problem areas, such as wood rot, rust, or pests. Some interior contractors in the Avon, CT area offer wall preparation as an add-on service. The painting cannot start until these difficulties have been resolved.

If you remove outlet covers and switch plates, your painter will be able to complete the job faster, so that you can resume your daily routine. Before the interior house painter arrives, you should remove any nails or screws from the walls. In order to complete your house painting project as efficiently and quickly as possible, you should do whatever you can to assist. You should wipe down the walls one day before the professional painters arrive to ensure they are completely dry.

It is always a good idea to undertake a thorough cleaning job for each room you intend to have painted before contacting a professional inside house painter Avon CT. This will ensure that any dust or dirt in the room does not end up on your freshly painted walls before they have had a chance to cure. It also makes it easy for you to restore all of the belongings to the room once the paint job is over, since you won’t have to spend time cleaning first. 

Before starting the painting, it’s a good idea to clear the work area. To ensure that the paint job is done quickly and well, pets, children, and adults should be kept away from the work area. It will result in a lengthy painting project if the painter works around those who will be in the way.

Painting a house is a job that needs to be done correctly the first time, whether it’s precise interior work or a full exterior repaint. Nevertheless, when looking for a painter Avon CT, there are tons to choose from, making it hard to find the right one. Here are five methods for finding the right painting contractor.

You can find the best painting contractor for your project by consulting with people who have worked with one. Inquire about the experiences of friends who have used painting professionals and who they would recommend for your house if you have any. Word of mouth is the most important kind of advertisement for painting contractors, and those who do the best work are most likely to receive the best word of mouth.

Trust your gut when it comes to online reviews: a painter Avon Connecticut should have great reviews, if a review seems genuine to you, trust it. There are two sides to every story, so take everything you read on the internet with a grain of salt. If a painting contractor has a good online reputation, they are also likely to be a good painting contractor in real life.

Make sure to check those references with the painters you are considering: Give them a call and have a brief conversation with them about what they did. You should see how the painting contractor in issue will act while working on your property if it’s an external job. If it’s an external job, see if it’s okay if you come by and look at the outside of their house.

In the end, get an estimate from the prospective painter. Be sure to consider the questions and considerations outlined in this article when speaking with the person who will be doing the job directly. By using this information, you’ll be able to ask intelligent questions and determine if the company is the right fit for the job. You should note that these are only estimates; actual costs may vary based on a number of factors. It is important, however, to have a rough idea of how much you will be spending.

Looking for a reliable painter in Avon, CT or the surrounding areas? Give Pro Quality Painting a call. We have over 20 years of experience painting residential and commercial properties. If a painting contractor is interested in your company, he or she will take the time to ask you a few questions and answer some of your own, even if you cannot keep them on the phone for an hour. The painter you hire today may have fixed roofs yesterday and laid concrete tomorrow, so it’s a good idea to think twice about hiring one who does more than paint.

Unlike our competitors, our painter Avon CT has years of experience painting daily, ensuring that your paint job will be of the highest quality.


If you notice flaws in the paint on your walls and equipment, your customers will also notice them. Your company is your livelihood, and how it looks communicates a statement to your customers. You can get back to work as soon as possible with Avon Connecticut painting specialists: Trained to quickly remove all types of painting impurities.

If your walls are exposed to a lot of sunlight, you may find that your paint loses some of its brilliance. When exposed to ultraviolet radiation, the pigment in the paint breaks off, which is why the outside of your building will show it the most. To prevent fading and renew your walls, a painting contractor in Avon, CT will know which paint and primer to use.

Painting contractors can fix ugly streaks that appear when they apply too much paint at once by sanding, wiping off, and re-painting.

In the case of stains, there is an impurity under the surface of the paint. Rust, mold, and mildew are only a few of the problems that could emerge beneath the surface. A painter will know exactly what to use and how to apply it effectively to prevent any further seepage. Use a high-quality primer to seal the area and prevent any further seepage.

When dirt seeps into your paint, it can leave a grainy surface that not only looks dirty, but also makes you feel awful! It is practically impossible to get every speck of dirt off your walls. If your walls have a grainy texture, a painter Avon CT should be able to sand them down and re-paint them. To ensure that the new paint does not have the same issue, a paint strainer can be used.

Whenever your paint peels, flakes, or bubbles up, it is a sign of moisture problems. Moisture, mold, mildew, and rust can cause your walls to deform and even fall off due to moisture, mold, mildew, and rust. Before repainting, you may need to test for mold and possibly replace the drywall. The next steps will be suggested by your painting contractor. Some people may even be able to clip out the problematic area and fill it in.

You shouldn’t paint over cracks when the paint has been thinned excessively or dried too quickly, usually in a cold environment. If the crack is tiny, a professional painting contractor can sand it down and re-paint it. The only option if the crack runs the length of a wall, or if there are several cracks, is to repaint the whole surface, which involves sanding off the old paint, priming the surface, and then re-painting.

It is vital to hire a painting contractor who is licensed, insured, and has experience handling large projects like these on construction sites. The job of a painter Avon CT is to transform a building into a masterpiece: we paint walls or ceilings before we install new drywall inside, we prime woodwork so stains won’t show through once we’ve finished decorating – you name it.”


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Pro Quality is a painting & restoration company in Connecticut with 30 yrs of experience located in Litchfield county, Ct. We specialize in high quality residential & commercial interior & exterior painting, restorations & remodeling. Over the years we have earned a reputation for being among the very best in the state at what we do.

We have an A+ rating with The Better Business Bureau and we intend to keep it that way. We are passionate about our work, we love what we do and we are confident that you will too!

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